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Savings Day – Cell Phone Saving Tips

Want to learn how to save money on your cell phone expenses? 

Jill Gonzalez is an analyst at WalletHub. She gives the following advice for saving on a smartphone. “People who want to save money on their cell phone should consider forgoing the latest model and buying a phone that’s at least one generation old. In the present, the differences between each model are small and relatively insignificant, whereas upgrading used to be far more important in older models when the improvements were dramatic. Getting a phone that’s a generation behind can give you almost as good of a user experience for around half the price. Consumers might also want to consider buying phones that are used but in good condition, or seek out carrier discounts.

Now there are a lot of different ways you can reduce the cost of wireless coverage. One of the most important is to compare a lot of different offers and waiting to buy a phone until you can get a good promotional deal. Another big way to save money is to purchase coverage from a ‘budget’ phone provider that operates on the same network as one of the larger, name-brand providers. You can get virtually the same level of coverage while saving a lot of money. Bundling your coverage with other people can also help you get discounts, as can setting up autopay on your monthly bills. Some providers may offer temporary relief on your payments if you’re in a difficult financial position, though you’ll have to call them and ask.” 

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