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Saving Day – Pack Your Lunch

Do you have the post-Christmas blues? We’re here to help because it’s Build Your Savings Day! 

Savers are planners. They make sacrifices to reach their goals, and savings outweigh the forfeit of temporary pleasures. You just have to keep doing it long enough to see the benefit!

The key is spending less than you make. Tracking your progress with a budget is helpful and motivating! Self-discipline will build confidence, and you WILL see results.

Aim for emergency savings of $1,000. Automatic transfers into a separate account prevent you from seeing and spending the money. When emergencies arise, you’ll have the funds set aside to prevent debt.

Work towards saving 3 months of living expenses. This can be achieved with careful planning over a period of time. You’ll experience peace and freedom should illness, job loss or major catastrophe occur.

Proverbs 21:20 says, “Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it.” 

So let’s get specific. Stop eating out so much!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics say we spend about $3,000 a year dining out. Now that will fund 3 emergency accounts!

So make 2020 the year that you carry your lunch. If the average lunch-out costs $10, you can save $200 a month! Double that if your spouse eats out too.

Buy a thermal lunch tote and groceries. Skip those costly prepared meals and make your own. Prep the night before and pack it in the morning. 

In just three weeks you’ll have a new habit and money in the bank.

Now God knows your needs, so seek Him and find joy on your journey!

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