Give Now

Save With a Plan

How much do you have in savings?

In November, GoBankingRates conducted a survey and found that half of the group had less than $500 in savings. One-third had $100 or less. Do you fall into that category? Let’s change that today with three simple steps. 

First, make a decision and a commitment that in less than one year you’ll have $1,000 in a savings account at the bank or a safe place at home. Say the following out loud. Write it down, and post it on your bathroom mirror. “One year from today, with God’s help, I will have saved $1,000.”

Next, make a plan to save something every single month: $10, $25, $50. If you begin today, $100 a month will give you $1000 by year-end. That’s just $3.50 a day. The key is saving something. See where you can reduce your spending, increase income, or both. Make some sacrifices to make this happen. It will be worth it! You just have to get started!

Finally, pray every day and ask God to give you the strength, self-control, income, discipline, and determination to make this life-changing goal a reality.  Plead with the Lord to guide you out of the financial trap that you’re in. Pray like the persistent widow who went before the unrighteous judge relentlessly. Ask for victory over the obstacles that may be preventing you from accomplishing this goal. Ultimately, an emergency fund should be able to cover 3-6 months of your living expenses. Remember that steady plodding brings prosperity!

And if credit card debt is keeping you from saving, invite Christian Credit Counselors to help. They’ll create a debt management plan that works for you. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or visit online at