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Save To Prepare

Are you intentionally saving money?

I hope you know the incredible story of Joseph in the book of Genesis. If not, go back and read it. His credibility and reputation led Pharaoh to put him in charge of the entire country. God revealed that they had 7 years to prepare for a 7-year famine. So, Joseph organized a plan to save for the future. So what’s your saving plan? It’s an integral step of the stewardship journey. Living without financial margin is like living on the edge of a cliff. One misstep or a gust of wind could cause you to fall off the side. Saving money gives you the ability to step back from the edge of a financial cliff. More than 53% of Americans report they’re currently living paycheck to paycheck. A savings plan helps you end that stressful way of life. Simply having money left over at the end of the month without a budget, goals, or a plan is not true saving. That’s what I call a good accident.

Biblical saving is an intentional, purposeful habit that requires work and maintenance. It helps you get out of debt and stay out of debt. It helps you to give generously and to stop worrying about the future. Preparing now means choosing to live differently from the world. God wants us to be savers. Extra resources allow us to take care of our families and to serve Him with our time and money. We look to Him as the Provider of our needs, not creditors, family, or friends. Remember Joseph, and make a savings plan. Then, let me know how it goes!

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