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Save Money by Knowing Your Child

Did you know that understanding your child’s design can actually save you money?

College freshmen often select majors that don’t match their interests. Many make the decision before they really know what to study. If they want to change their major it costs extra time and money! The solution is to know your children and guide them before they enter college or embark on a career. This enables them to apply themselves with passion and follow the dreams God put in their hearts. Observe what excites them. What do they do without having to be asked? What are their gifts and talents? One of my boys played his guitar whenever he could. He didn’t like practicing scales, but he loved worship music. Today he’s a Christian songwriter and producer. I didn’t know how he’d be able to support himself when he took that path at age 20, but he courageously left the college where he was studying petroleum engineering to pursue music full time. God opened doors and he has a successful career now.

It’s important to understand a son or daughter’s design. Affirm the way God made them. They’ll welcome you to come alongside and offer guidance in long-term career selection. Crown offers an assessment called Career-Direct. It’s a tool that profiles personality, interests, skills and values to help make the best choice for life and career. It’s helped thousands of families. Ephesians 2:10 declares, “We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works.” Discover and delight in how He made your child! 

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