Give Now

Save By Giving

Think you’re too poor to save? You will be if you don’t start now!

Many people think the difference between being rich and poor is based on the amount of money they earn. But, it’s usually how they choose to use the money they already have.

The Federal Reserve reports that 40% of people in America don’t have $400 set aside for an emergency. No wonder the unprepared panic when something strikes.

Wise living begins by looking to God as our ultimate Provider. We can trust Him. We can follow the financial principles He’s given us by living in gratitude and resting in the fact that His ways are better than ours.

One test of our faithfulness is to honor Him by giving before spending a cent on ourselves. We then discipline ourselves to save a portion of all our income – another act of faith that requires dependence on God.

Stewarding what’s left requires wisdom, self-control, and an eternal perspective to avoid becoming slaves to the world. Budgeting this leftover enables us to stop overspending and get out of debt.

This sets us apart so that we can serve others. If you want to hear Well Done, I challenge you to humbly seek after the Lord with all your heart and ask Him for help.

Make a plan. Some save every $5 bill. Or automatically deposit 1% of your paycheck in a savings account with the hope of increasing it as you are able.

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