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Resolve to Improve Your Finances

Trying to improve your finances?

The New Year is a great opportunity to get a fresh start. Ecclesiastes 3 says, There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” God gives us different seasons throughout life because he knows we need time to rest and reflect on the year ahead. A New Year’s resolution might motivate you. Here are 7 tips from with my commentary on how to make a good resolution. 

• First just pick one then commit to being successful at it. Make it realistic and attainable, like saving $1,000 in an Emergency Savings Account, or giving regularly, or paying off all credit card debt.

• Next plan ahead. Research ways to become successful managing your money. offers plenty of free financial advice and resources.

• Then anticipate problems. Know your weaknesses and temptations. Write these down and find a solution to keep them at bay.

• Next pick a start date. Why not today? Habits take about 3 weeks to develop, so get a head start!

• Then go for it. Seek accountability and commit your plans to the Lord. Write down the reason for the resolution where you’ll see it frequently.

• Also accept failure. If you slip up, give yourself some grace. Decide to immediately get back on track and don’t allow it to derail you completely.

• Finally plan in some rewards throughout the year to celebrate your progress. A simple recognition can become very motivating! 

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