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Remote Work Threatened?

Do you work remotely?

Many organizations have allowed employees to work from home for more than two years. However, an article at Bloomberg states that numerous companies have begun to fear a recession. Employees who negotiate their pay and working conditions are now seeing push-back with hiring and pay freezes. A Nationwide survey found that half of business owners expect employees to operate in-person all the time a year from now. Corporate earnings are threatened by inflation and supply-chain disruptions. Higher wages and raw-material costs have impacted the bottom line. Elon Musk recently demanded that Tesla employees return to their desks or find jobs elsewhere. Employers suffering with economic jitters may follow the demands of Musk.

Much research has been conducted on remote work, virtual teams and telecommunication. A University of Chicago study on remote IT Professionals found that productivity decreased and hours worked increased. Employees with children at home had a larger decline in productivity than those without. Women had a larger decline while those with longer company tenure fared better. Higher communication and coordination costs impact productivity. Time spent on coordination activities and meetings increased, while uninterrupted work hours shrank considerably. If you’re an employee, make it your ambition to give your employer the best of every hour you work, whether in person or remotely. You are ultimately serving and representing the Lord Christ!

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