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Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light

Are you seeking financial unity with your spouse?

Years ago, my wife and I wrote a book to help couples unite over money. We know from experience the frustration of not making progress towards financial goals. So, to minimize the arguing and debates over spending decisions, we came up with a simple process: Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light. Red means “No.” Yellow means “Let’s wait and pray.” Green means “Yes, let’s go!” It takes two green lights to move forward with a major financial decision. If either of us uses the Red or Yellow Light, we honor the one who thinks we should not make the purchase at this time and avoid arguing. Ann likes it, of course. She likes Red Lights and Yellow Lights. I like the Green Light She’s cautious. I’m the risk taker.

When trying this method, establish a baseline for the size of decision requiring the use of the lights. For instance, don’t use it when buying groceries. That should be in your budget. Use it for decisions over a certain amount –  say like $500 or above, for things outside your normal budget. If I want to buy a new suit, I ask Ann before spending the money, and vice versa. This has helped us to grow in unity and understanding. Often, Ann just has a hunch that something’s a bad idea. It’s more comfortable for her to simply say, “Yellow Light – let’s wait and pray about it.” It’s been a blessing to me many times over. I hope it helps you and your spouse.

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