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Priorities in Business

A business can have eternal impact.  

In every area of Christian service, we need to establish priorities. We can quickly become so involved with the “urgent” things of this world that we neglect the important things. Let’s take a business for example. Early on, the urgent thing is to make payroll. Later it becomes urgent to earn a greater profit or build a bigger company. There will always be reasons to neglect the important areas. Yet, most of these will become trivial the second after we die. That’s why it’s vital that we strive for balance in business. This is as true in a spiritual sense as it is in a material sense. For example, sales are important to any business, but if a manufacturing company applies 100% of its labor force to sales, the imbalance will be readily apparent.

The top priority of a business should be to always glorify the Lord, but if all other business disciplines are ignored in pursuit of this, the work will be short-lived. Discipleship, caring for one another, and setting the example of integrity are crucial, but so is creating an excellent product or service, fair pricing and great treatment of your employees and customers or investors. Therefore, the priorities of a business boil down to this: “What are my goals? How can they be balanced to achieve the overall objectives of serving God while doing a great job operating the company?” Compared to eternity, the profile of a business is rather trivial and a lifetime of work rather insignificant. If used wisely, a business can be used to change the lives of people forever.  

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