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Pricing Burials – Cremations

What will they do with your body?

Death is typically an emotional experience for any family. That’s why it’s important to research and plan for the body ahead of time. Decisions have financial ramifications. Simple planning will assist loved ones in the future. Some want to save money and elect for a cremation. The average cost of cremation this year runs between $800 and $4000. In direct cremation, there are no traditional funeral costs. The crematory staff manages the process. They complete the death certificate, and pick up and transport the body to the crematorium. Expect to pay more if working with a funeral home. They contract with crematories. So, when quoting a package fee, make sure they disclose everything to you, including the cost of cremation.

Funeral homes rent caskets for services held prior to cremation. The body is put in a box then inserted into the casket. It’s an unnecessary expense unless it’s important to have the body present at the funeral service. Otherwise, have a memorial service after cremation. Veteran benefits may apply in your situation. Urns run from $50 to $1,000 at funeral homes or crematories. They vary between biodegradable styles, elegant boxes or simple wood urns. If you prepare now, you’ll spare yourself and family excess pain.  Keep burial requests in a folder that’s easily accessible. As you plan for the death of your body, remember that Jesus is the resurrection and the life. Everyone who believes in Him will live, even though they die. Hallelujah!

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