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Prepping Students for Financial Independence

Is your college student prepared to handle finances? 

College is often the first-time young people are in control of their finances. Unfortunately, many are unprepared. Here’s how you can help. Create a reasonable budget together. Emphasize the dangers of credit cards and how using cash reduces frivolous spending. They may like the envelope system. TikTokers even endorse this method, and have cleverly renamed it Cash Stuffing! An app may help them keep track of their spending. They can work on it this summer and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Teach the difference between needs and wants. Encourage buying used, stocking up on healthy snacks and carrying a good travel mug for coffee, tea or water. A coffee pot is a gift that could save them money in the long run.

Working can increase a student’s ability to manage time. Suggest they find a low stress job on or near campus in a healthy, relaxed environment. Challenge them to spend wisely. They’ll face peer pressure to spend money on food, drinks, clothes and entertainment. Friends will want to borrow money. Do they have the willpower to say no? Finally, assure them that you’re on their side! Make sure they know that they can be honest with you about their needs and budget failures. Prepare to celebrate with them when they succeed! Affirmation from a parent can mean more to them than extra money in the bank. Emphasize that everything we have belongs to God. We’ve been entrusted to steward what He provides, and Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” (Luke 6:10)

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