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Preparing Young Adults


Are your adult – or soon to be adult – kids prepared to handle money on their own?

Financial illiteracy is an issue that many college students are facing … they weren’t taught the basics of how to manage money. More and more students are faced with an overwhelming amount of debt upon graduation. That’s hardly the way a 20-something year old needs to start their life and career.

We need to be intentional as we teach the upcoming generations, we need to pray with them, and build their confidence by putting trust in them. It’s important to instill in your children that they can live different from the world – but they must be taught how. While your children are still in your home, cherish the opportunity to teach them what it means to be a faithful steward.

Have honest discussions with them about real-world scenarios involving their finances and what the Bible says about it. Larry Burkett often shared that he opened the family budget to his children so they could see for themselves what it took to provide for their needs.

They’ll make mistakes, but that’s when they learn best. Don’t give up on them…Pray that your children seek the Lord and withstand temptations by the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue to encourage them and offer your counsel along the way.

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