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Preparing for a Job Interview

If you’re in the job market, do you know what employers really want?

An interview is often the deciding factor for employers. In fact, once a person lands a job interview they need to know what employers are really seeking. Liz Ryan, at Forbes, says that these include qualities in new hires not listed in the job ad.

So, what do employers want? Employees who are responsible and self-directed.

These 2 qualities will be clearly evident in the answers you give to the job-interview questions. But, just as important are the questions you ask your interviewer. So, make sure to prepare beforehand.

The stories you relate in your interview will reveal what you bring to the job. You don’t have to talk about your character traits. They will be obvious in the way you present yourself.

Spend time researching the company and prepare some informed questions.

So, what other qualities do employers look for during interviews?

Those who clearly understand their path and what they want in their career. This shows that you are someone who knows where they are going, are focused and goal oriented.

Another trait that is key is knowing your own strengths and having the ability to point to successes at work or elsewhere.

And most of all work well on a team!

Here are some other highly-desirable traits for employers:

  • Clearly understand their path
  • Know what they want in their career
  • Can point to successes at work or elsewhere
  • Know their strengths
  • Think independently
  • Like to problem-solve
  • Have ambition
  • Are proactive
  • Are happy to learn new things
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Work well on a team
  • Are responsible

Do you possess the qualities employers are seeking to hire? Ask an honest friend to role-play in a practice interview. Do you adequately communicate these qualities? If not, ask for help in presenting yourself better. Most importantly, “Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established.”

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