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Preparing for a Career

How important is a college degree?

A degree is one of the steps towards a career that ultimately glorifies God. Settling into a career is often a journey, not the direct result of a particular major. One job leads to another and God must open doors. Did you know that you are called to be a faithful steward of your time and your gifts and abilities? Stewardship is about anything that God has entrusted to you. Taking time in college to try out degrees or career paths has become astronomically expensive, so taking more than four years or earning impractical degrees is typically unwise. If your children know exactly what they want to study, praise God. If not, be patient and observe what they do in their free time. What do they really enjoy studying? Nurture those interests by arranging meetings with professionals in that field so they can gain exposure and learn things not yet considered. Help them prepare questions so they gain information and strategically narrow down degree options. This will help them to avoid wasting time and money.

There are numerous options to college degrees today. Community colleges offer 2-year programs and certifications. Trade schools are worth exploring, along with soft and hard skill training. A Career Direct assessment can point them in the right direction for their education or career path. It gives a full picture that includes personality, skills, interests, and values. Check it out at

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