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Preparing a Christmas Budget

Christmas may seem like it’s very far away….but it’s closer than you may think. Is your budget ready for the biggest spending event of the year??

Many people are financially unprepared for Christmas spending and accumulate debt, starting the New Year off with stress, anxiety, and high interest rates. This is like getting hit by a slow moving train!

So instead, prepare in advance. Start saving now and budget for the coming holidays. You can even start your shopping early, and try to buy one or two gifts with each paycheck to distribute the spending over the course of several months. This will hopefully prevent you from overspending and help you avoid the overwhelming pressure and crowds at the malls when Thanksgiving rolls around.

But one crucial factor to remember is that of giving. The holiday season is joyous for many, but difficult for others. Talk to your family and pray about ways you can be generous this Christmas. Consider giving of what you have, rather than stretching for what you really don’t need.

Maybe you can give up all your gifts and instead buy presents for a family in need. Be sure to involve your children in the joy of giving – it will bless them for a lifetime.

May the walls of your home ring with the true meaning of Christmas as you contemplate the incredible significance of Christ’s birthday celebration.

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