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Pouring Truth Into Our Children’s Hearts

How much do your children know about money? Do you seize every opportunity to pour truth into their hearts? Or, is their training coming from our materialistic society?

Christmas is a great time to emphasize Biblical financial principles. Christmas in my youth was exciting and fun, but I missed basic truths. Like – God owns everything and we are his stewards. We’re to use all he’s provided to glorify him and build his kingdom.

So, this Christmas, try something different!

Pray together for the material needs you have and let God provide them without borrowing the money so that your children can see God at work.

Exercise self-discipline. Show your children the budget that you live on and then

Help them start their own budget: giving 10% to the Lord, keeping some to save and some to spend.

Practice moderation. Jesus and his disciples lived humbly, as did Paul and the early church. You don’t have to live in poverty, but set a good example. Demonstrate your willingness to make sacrifices to meet the needs of others.

Work together to serve the poor in your church or community, then discuss ways to meet their needs. Anonymous giving is fun and they’ll delight in taking part!

Choose to avoid debt by focusing on the King of Kings in simplicity and truth. One gift given in love and time together is worth far more than extravagance and the stress debt brings.

Live out your love for God and his Word and teach your children diligently. You only have them a few years.

“And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

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