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Peacemaking Guards Your Marriage

How’s your marriage doing?

The NYPost reports that happily married people live longer, have lower rates of cancer, stroke and heart attack and tend to be less stressed overall. Susannah Cahalan wrote that getting divorced can make you sick and even lead to an early death. The average cost of getting divorced is now $15,000 per person. This includes lawyer fees, court costs, tax experts, child custody and real estate appraisals. The time necessary to settle a divorce also affects your cost. Many divorces can be avoided if couples would learn to be peacemakers. It’s the consistent readiness to reconcile mutual differences by seeking to listen to, honor, and learn from one another. Peace is the oil that makes the engine of your marriage run smoothly in spite of your differences, even during times of suffering.

Peacemaking is the foundation for unity, which, in my view, is the key to lasting satisfaction, joy and intimacy in marriage. It doesn’t happen automatically. Two people must strive to be peacemakers, seeking common ground and mutual benefit rather than becoming entrenched in personal agendas or selfish desires. Peacemaking requires action. Aim to be the first to apologize. This humble act can stop arguments and lead to healing. Also learn to choose your words wisely. Conflict diminishes when gentle, healing words are used instead of verbal attacks that hurt one another. Practice peacemaking and protect your marriage. 

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