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Paying For Dental Procedures

Have you been to the dentist recently?

One of my molars had to be extracted. To resolve the problem, my dentist pulled the tooth. Then, a robotic device implanted a screw into my jawbone. In order to save $550, I opted out of the happy juice or the laughing gas. It wasn’t worth it! According to, 6% of American adults have dental implants. That number could quadruple by 2026. They run up to $8,000 per tooth plus the procedure itself. A full mouth of implants can range from $25,000-$80,000. So take care of your teeth! It will impact your wallet!

Reduce your sugar intake, brush, floss, and see a reputable dentist for regular cleanings. If you need dental work, talk to your dentist. Is this a procedure that must be done now? How long can you wait? Their office may offer special discounts for services not covered by your insurance. Some offer discounts for paying in cash rather than a credit card, and if you cannot cover the cost, research financing options. A local bank, credit union, the dentist’s in-house financing, or a new zero-interest credit card. Some charitable organizations help cover costs for the disabled, medically fragile or elderly. Others help those whose teeth were injured through violence. The courageous can participate in a clinical trial where you get free implants in exchange for your experience in a study. Steward your teeth well to avoid all sorts of pain!

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