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Pantry Challenge

If you’re low on cash, need to pay bills, or trying to save for a vacation, check your pantry.

A pantry challenge is a great way to stretch your budget. You eat what you have and give thanks to God!

Your family might miss their favorite cereal or ice cream, but you’ll find it’s worth it. Since they’re already paid for, use those canned foods, baking mixes, and freezer items. Oh, and no eating out! Use what you’ve got for as long as you can.  It’s a way to remember the persecuted church as you make sacrifices in your diet.

Now this will take a little planning, some sacrifices and creativity. But this can be a fun time for the family and a memory-building experience.

A friend of my wife does this regularly, often while her husband is working out of town. Last week they had French toast for dinner and her children probably loved it!

Besides saving money – and time at the store – this keeps your stock fresh. You’ll learn what your family really loves – or hates! – so you can shop better. Later, you can restock with healthier items that you find on sale.

If you google Pantry Challenge you’ll discover all kinds of blogs with encouragement to try this. Recruit friends or family to join you so you’re motivated to stay the course.

Apply the money you didn’t need for groceries to needed areas in your budget. Then, wisely restock your pantry with things you really eat – especially when they go on sale. You’ll waste less and enjoy restocking your freshly cleaned pantry!

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