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nuCampRv: A Company Built on Faith and Values

Ever seen the nucampRV factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio?

CEO Scott Hubble, arranged a tour for me that was deeply impactful. Founder, Joe Mullet, grew up in an Amish family where he received an 8th grade education. He learned important values working alongside his Dad. Joe wanted to create a workplace that embodied the culture of the community. He wanted to pay employees well and focus on relationships.

Today, nuCamp is the world’s largest manufacturer of teardrop trailers. They have four core values beginning with ‘Care Genuinely’. Joe says that when you really care, you listen and do whatever it takes to help each other out. It leads to their other values: ‘Service Over Self’, ‘Always Do the Right Thing’ and ‘Work Hard’. They practice these values and demonstrate faith along the way. The company slogan is “To Build the Exceptional.” They aspire to do that every day by building the exceptional in their product and their people. They give customers the ultimate experience and welcome them into the nuCamp family.

They’re currently building a repair and service center. The first floor will be dedicated to repairs. The second will be a training center with 15 hands-on learning environments. There, young adults will learn to safely operate tools, gain business knowledge and life skills. They’ll be taught how to communicate and connect with people. nuCamp hopes to positively impact the world and leave a lasting legacy. I’m inspired because the company was built on Biblical values and they’re stewarding their resources in an exceptional way. May we all do the same!

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