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Move Forward in Spite of the Pain

Financial challenges are painful.

To overcome your financial challenges, you must set goals and implement a plan of action.  No doubt, sacrifices will be required. Just remember how God provided in the past and trust Him with the future.

I recently read the book titled: Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make It Home by Benjamin Hall. He’s the Fox journalist who survived a 2022 bombing near Kyiv, Ukraine. His story is incredible. Despite horrible trauma, intense pain, and emotional challenges, his mental fortitude helped him survive. He wrote: “Without any real painkillers available, all I could do was turn the pain into a mind game. I had to tell myself—convince myself—that the pain didn’t matter. I had to teach my body to ignore the pain and teach my mind to block it out. I had to, in essence, put the pain away. The only way to do that was to absolutely believe there was something more important than the pain that needed my full attention, and that thing was my survival…I reached past the level of pain and found another level I never knew was there…I marshaled every bit of my focus and put it on the only thing that mattered; to survive, to escape, to get back home.”

His book reset my perspective on pain. Persevering through pain can help you fight despair and find hope. Combat lies of the devil with truth and goodness. The Lord will strengthen you to press through the pain. 

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