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Move Economically

Are you facing a move this year?

According to The American Moving and Storage Association, a long-distance move costs an average of $4,300 while a local move runs $2,300. Are you hiring packers? Fork over $40 an hour or more. Throw in storage, temporary housing and it quickly adds up! Here are some tips that I’ve learned through several moves. First, don’t move what you don’t need. Strategically sort through your belongings. Now I hate doing this, but the alternative is paying to move it then finding a place to put it. So, sell, donate, or toss what you don’t need or truly want. There’s joy in giving to those who need what you don’t. With Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, and the ease of shopping online, you can often replace heavy items cheaper than moving them.

When we moved out of state, people gave us used packing boxes and paper. We even had a packing party which made the job easier and cheaper! Use sheets, blankets, and towels to pack breakables instead of buying paper. Fill suitcases with items you’ll need upon arrival or items you want to carry with you. Valuables should be packed and moved yourself. Keep them in your car or some safe place while people are coming in and out of your home. Avoid peak days and seasons. Schedule a midweek move between September through April and you can rack up some savings. Research and compare movers and get a fixed rate in writing. Understand all the costs and fees. A budget for moving will ease the stress of settling into your new place. You won’t regret it!

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