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Money Dates

Are you ready to live 2020 as better financial managers?

1/3 of New Year resolutions involve setting financial goals. I want to help you reach those goals.

Becoming faithful stewards starts by knowing and believing that God is our provider, but we live in a world where our beliefs conflict with that truth — like thinking it’s ultimately up to us to “make it happen.”

Now you and your spouse are both managers of God’s stuff. It’s true, and your finances are no exception! We’ve created an online course called Money Dates. Each date covers a different topic to help you build financial unity. 

You and your spouse will root yourselves in your true identity: stewards of God’s resources and His purposes for you.

You’ll uncover the beliefs and behaviors that will help you trust God to provide for your needs in every season.

You’ll share and learn how money origins from the past may shape your money habits in the present. We’re heavily impacted by the influences we had growing up, but often we’re not completely aware of them or how they affect us today.

Maybe you and your spouse have goals that are slightly or even drastically different. Learn how to align and define your goals together. You’ll get rooted in biblical truths along the way, and after learning the process, you can use it to reset and realign your goals as often as needed. 

We’ll cover spending, saving, investing, generosity and much more. We hope that together, you’ll live 2020 knowing this: I can do all things through him who gives me strength.” 

You know money is a common source of stress in marriage. You can find help by enrolling in Money Dates which you can complete at your convenience and pace. Go to and click Online Courses.