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Materialism Is a Trap

Materialism is a trap.

The most important principle to learn about finances is that God owns it all. Transferring ownership of everything to Him will give you freedom. You’ll also gain a new sense of responsibility to be faithful with what God’s entrusted to you. One of the greatest threats to our walk with the Lord is the trap of materialism. We have to work at not being lured away from Him and spending our money on our own desires. You know why? Affluence tends to blind us to the needs of others. God doesn’t prohibit us from enjoying the benefits of this world; after all, they’re His. Instead, we’re to avoid entangling ourselves in them so we can fulfill our primary purpose of serving God.

The affluence of the American way of life is a mixed blessing. Our prosperity has made life much easier and has provided a great deal of money to spread God’s Word. However, the American way of life can isolate us from seeing needs and absorb much of our time, energy, and attention. That’s why budgeting is a crucial step in the journey to good stewardship. It helps get spending under control and subjects it to the Lordship of Christ. Budgeting is a tool. It’s a plan for our own good. Has affluence blinded you to the needs of others? Confess it and ask God to open your eyes to needs all around you. Ask Him to help you answer His call to meet the needs that He puts in your path. Then find a budget that protects you from the trap of materialism.

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