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Marriage is Good for Your Finances – Part 2

Marriage is good for your finances!

In Chuck’s book, Money Problems Marriage Solutions, he explains that a committed marriage between one man and one woman is the best living arrangement. When done according to God’s financial principles, it brings countless blessings. Cohabiting doesn’t bring the satisfaction marriage does. An article at The Gospel Coalition states that married adults have higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship than those who simply live together. The ability to trust that a spouse is faithful, will act in their best interest, be honest, and handle money responsibly is higher in marriage.

In The Meaning of Marriage, Tim and Kathy Keller wrote, “…married people experience greater physical and mental health… marriage provides a profound “shock absorber” that helps you navigate disappointments, illnesses, and other difficulties. You recover your equilibrium faster. But the increased earnings probably also comes from what scholars call “marital social norms.” Studies show that spouses can hold one another to greater levels of personal responsibility and self-discipline than friends or other family members can. Single people can spend money unwisely and self-indulgently without anyone to hold them accountable. But married people encourage each other to practice saving, investing, and delayed gratification. Nothing can mature character like marriage.” Amen to that!

Divorce statistics tend to be exaggerated and rarely express the benefits and joy of marriage. It doesn’t mean you’ll escape hardship or heartache in marriage, but the hard times often lead to sanctification.

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