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Make a Plan – Budget

Have you seen the documentary called Free Solo? It’s the nail-biting story of Alex Honnold’s (pron. like ‘Ronald’) death-defying climb of El Capitan without ropes or any assistance.

Honnold simplified his life to better focus on his dream. He planned his climb with intense detail, visualizing the moves, memorizing the sequences, & imagining every aspect of the climb so nothing would surprise him along the way.

And like Honnold had a climbing plan, we all need a financial plan. A precise plan that we live by day – after day – after day. We need a tool that aids us in Biblical consistent living in order to reach our financial goals.

If you’ve listened to me for any length of time, you know that a budget is that spending plan. It’s a flexible tool for helping us spend money wisely.

We know that everything we have is a gift from God and a budget simply helps us to be faithful.

A budget eliminates the fear and anxiety of wondering if bills can be paid. It can bring peace and break the bonds of slavery to money and debt.

Few of us think about the unpleasant possibility of economic challenges in the future. So we put off planning until it’s too late. We’re quite accomplished in the art of procrastination, easily finding time to do the things we enjoy, but avoiding the difficult things like creating a budget.

But every extreme challenge requires a plan. Solomon said, The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance.

A budget takes a few hours to prepare, but the benefits are countless.

Just like Honnold needed a plan for his free solo, you need a plan so you can climb your way to freedom!

You know, if you need to climb out of debt, using a debt management plan today can help ensure that you don’t have the same problems a decade from now. I highly recommend Christian Credit Counselors. For more information call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976 or online at