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Lost Income – Don’t Lose Hope!

Need to up your income?

If you’ve lost a job or source of income, don’t lose hope. In April, CNBC shared the story of  Graham Cochrane. He lost his job back in 2009 when he was 26. He’d been working 9-5 as an audio engineer while freelancing for indie artists on the side. At 26, he decided to take his production business full-time. It wasn’t easy. He and his wife struggled to each earn a thousand dollars a month. During that time, they lived off savings and became new parents. Desperate for more income, he started a music blog: The Recording Revolution. Now, he’s 38 and earning more money from his online businesses. The Recording Revolution brings in $40,000 a month. Plus, he earns $120,000 a month in passive income from a business he launched in 2018. It’s here that he offers an online course and has a coaching program.

Cochrane offers 3 tips for entrepreneurs: First, sell your skills to earn passive income. In his case, he created an online course enabling him to reach more people with less time. Second, give a free sample of what you have to offer. He believes that “givers prosper.” Providing rich content draws people in and builds trust. Finally, get automatic systems in place. His marketing and follow-up communication happens primarily through automatic emails. Apply yourself like Cochrane has and ask God to open doors for you. Then, give Him the glory! 

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