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Living High on the Hog

Are you living “high on the hog”?

I grew up hearing about people living “high on the hog.” It implies that they’re living in luxury or intending to give the appearance of wealth. The phrase may come from the best cuts of a pig which are located on the back and upper leg. The wealthy ate cuts from “high on the hog”, while the paupers ate pork belly and feet. I have a friend who refers to people who spend money to impress others as “Thousand Dollar a Week Millionaires.” They make modest wages but want others to think they’re rich.

Most of us are content with working, paying the bills, and having some extra money in the bank to achieve our financial goals. Interestingly enough, some of the wealthiest people have low-consumption lifestyles – like Warren Buffet. He lives in the first house he ever purchased. Listen carefully to Proverbs 13:7: One person pretends to be rich, yet has nothing; another pretends to be poor, yet has great wealth.” Solomon is advising us not to live “high on the hog.” Resist the temptation to appear rich and humbly steward the money God has entrusted to you with an eternal perspective.

Find your identity in Christ and your purpose in what He’s called you to accomplish. As stewards, we’re to work, give, save, spend, and invest wisely. So check your motives to see if you’re living far above your means. The best financial advice is to always, always spend less than you earn. This reduces stress and increases your ability to achieve your financial goals. Remember, money is meant to be used for far greater purposes than self-indulgence.

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