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Living Funerals

When did you last attend a funeral? South Korea’s offering free ones…for the living.

South Korea’s suicide rate is double the global average. In 2012, a Healing Center opened to help people improve their lives by simulating their deaths.

The purpose is to communicate to people that they matter. That happiness is in the present and that someone would miss them if they were gone.

More than 25,000 people have “died” learning to live. The director says, “Living funerals help people appreciate their lives and seek forgiveness and reconciliation with family and friends.”

He believes the experience is valuable. He’s witnessed people reject suicide. Others apologize and seek reconciliation. Bitterness is rooted out and happiness is rediscovered.

Here’s how it works. Anyone from teenagers to retirees can put on shrouds and take funeral portraits. They write their last testaments and lie in closed coffins for 10 minutes to contemplate their lives.

Larry Burkett, Crown’s founder, said everyone should experience a terminal diagnosis. He said that it quickly puts everything into perspective.

As Christians, we have the benefit of knowing that there’s a purpose for our lives. We don’t have to simulate death. We know it’s imminent!

God wants us to steward our time, talents, and resources for His glory, and every day is a gift from Him. So celebrate and ponder the gift of life each and every day! 

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