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Learning to Fear God

What do you fear?  Public speaking? Heights? Dementia? Losing a job?

When we don’t fear God, we discount His Lordship and put our will ahead of His. So, I wonder, do you truly give Him the reverent AWE He’s due?

Unless we fear God, we lose our eternal perspective and let worldly things gain importance. Money and possessions become our gods as surely as the Israelites abandoned God to worship idols.

The result for Israel was bondage in a foreign land. For us, it’s bondage to stuff which often leads to debt, stress, divorce and ruined lives.

Striving for stuff diverts us from the abundant life here and the fulfillment of eternal accomplishment.

The Bible warns about laying a foundation other than Jesus Christ because it will be tested. Can you imagine staring into eternity with nothing to show for your time here on earth? The length of this life and the things substituted for God will be pathetically apparent.

God patiently gives us new opportunities to make Him our central desire. When we contemplate His lavish grace and His incomparable majesty, we are filled with reverential fear. It’s a respect that exalts Him to His rightful place in our heart and mind.

When we acknowledge that God is the sovereign King, we desire to live as He requires. That’s when we begin to take steps toward becoming a generous giver.

God’s grace compels us to give as an act of love and worship. So let us throw off the distractions of this world, the sins that so easily entangle us, and embrace the truth that: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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