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Keeping Technology in Check

77% of Americans now own smartphones. But, guess what! Warren Buffet uses a flip phone.

Buffet responds to emails more slowly, is less attuned to the news, doesn’t check the phone if he’s bored, and most importantly, is purposeful about how he uses his time.

Research shows that ‘smart’ phones kill our ability to focus and allow employees to rob their employers.

Office Team found that the average employee spends a full 8 hours a week answering personal emails, texts, shopping and watching sports, resultting in $15.5 billion in lost productivity.  

Because our brains weren’t made for handling the constant demands of technology around us, we’ve lost the ability to truly focus and attend. Communication technology is the #1 distraction because of the constant interruptions.

Here are some effective strategies to decrease the distractions we bring upon ourselves.

  • Choose to check your messages on the half hour. Alert colleagues that you are adopting a new system so they are aware of your less-than-rapid response.
  • When working on a computer, close all windows where you might receive communication – or anything that could draw your attention away from the task at hand.
  • Turn your phone to silent, turn it face side down, and set an alarm for 30 minutes and do not check before that time.
  • If necessary, set a certain vibration for important people like your boss – or only allow messages from certain people to get through on “Do Not Disturb’ mode.
  • Only check your phone on schedule. As I said, 30 minutes is a good start. But, if you’re working on a project, make it an hour.

When outside the office, establish technology-free zones for you and your family.

Many want to simplify and live more purposeful. Don’t be surprised if you see more flip phones in the future!

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