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JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out

Are you familiar with JOMO?

JOMO is an acronym for the joy of missing out. To me, it’s the reward of stewarding wisely and experiencing the joy of following biblical financial principles! Dr. Susan Albers of the Cleveland Clinic, says, “The meaning of JOMO is really embracing the idea of just finding joy and contentment of opting out or missing out on activities, and prioritizing your self-care. It’s helpful because it really puts a greater focus on consciously choosing what you want to participate in, not what you feel pressure to participate in.”

Credit Karma found that FOMO, the fear of missing out, drives many young adults into debt. They conducted a survey and found that those practicing JOMO, the joy of missing out, actually saved money. 84% of respondents spent less when opting to stay home. They reported feeling less stressed, more financially stable, and more in control. Young adults can save thousands of dollars a year by simply opting out of certain activities. Meeting friends at coffee shops, restaurants, or the mall costs money!

JOMO looks different for everyone. For some, it’s forgoing streaming services in favor of a library card, Kindle, or the Libby app. Others may choose to drive old cars so they can afford nice cycling equipment. Others enjoy cooking gourmet meals at home instead of eating out at restaurants. The key is finding balance and knowing what you truly can afford. Joy and reward are found by spending less than you earn. Discover, like I have, that you’re truly not missing out.

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