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Jennie’s Reward

Have you learned contentment?

Jennie grew up in a home that didn’t have much money. Needs were met, but extras were out of the question. When classmates came back to school each fall with new shoes, clothes, and monogrammed backpacks, Jennie was embarrassed. She vowed to someday have what “everybody” else could buy. Years later, Jennie reached out to Crown – overwhelmed with credit card debt. The shoes, clothes, and luxuries she accumulated brought financial stress that far outweighed any pleasure gained in shopping. We taught her that God calls us to steward whatever He provides. She began giving a bit of her paycheck to her church and experienced joy. By paying only for basic needs, she slowly built an emergency fund, and God, in His mercy, prevented any need for the money during that time.

She learned how to eliminate debt. First, she negotiated better rates with her creditors. Then we helped her develop a payoff plan. She used the avalanche method to attack the loan bearing the highest interest rate first. This worked best for her. While continuing to make minimum payments on other loans, she applied any and all extra funds toward reducing the higher-interest loan. When that was eliminated, she immediately hacked away at the next and then the next. Thankfully, her medical bills didn’t charge interest, so she paid them out over a period of several years. Now maybe your story’s like Jennie’s, and like her, you, too, can find peace and contentment by focusing on becoming a faithful steward of whatever He’s given you. 

And if you’re struggling with credit card debt, Christian Credit Counselors can help. They’ll create a debt management plan specifically for you. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or visit online at