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Invest In Your Marriage

Are you investing in your marriage?

A strong marriage is the foundation for strong families – which are the backbone of society. Studies show that marriage makes you happier and increases your net worth and the likelihood of affluence. So it’s crucial for couples to consciously invest time and money in their relationship. Before Covid, I was used to a busy schedule: meetings, travel, and speaking engagements. Suddenly, I was at home ALL DAY – EVERY DAY! My wife and I had to get used to being together all the time, and it wasn’t easy. So, stuck at home, we went online to Dr  Emerson Eggerich’s Crazy Cycle video series. He points out what the Bible teaches in Ephesians: a woman needs to know that she’s loved and a man needs to be respected. When those needs aren’t met, chaos can result. So the key is learning to identify the problem to avoid the Crazy Cycle which is hurting each other’s feelings. We invested time watching those videos and they paid off.

Love and honor each other and commit to building your marriage on God’s philosophy of money. Know what the Bible teaches, then study and learn each other’s personality and philosophy of money. This will help you determine specific roles to ensure success. In my marriage, I play offense, and Ann plays defense. She pays the bills and stretches the dollars while I earn and invest them. For more of our story go to Focus on the Family and listen to Getting on the Same Team Financially in Marriage. 

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