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Integrity at Work

If Jesus entered your workplace today, would you be comfortable with your job performance?

Work is one way we reflect God’s glory to a watching world. And though there’s no guaranteed formula to ensure that you’ll keep your job forever, one thing is certain: the less you contribute to your company, the more you increase your risk of becoming a target in a layoff. Customers, fellow employees and managers know who’s really committed.

To protect your job – or company – you’ve got to give your best.

The way you work provides the best exterior reflection of your commitment to serve the Lord in a real, physical way.

Those who provide high quality work at fair prices will usually get noticed.

If you’re an employer, live out what you expect of your employees. You’re their example as they strive for excellence.

If you’re an employee, stay busy. Look for ways to serve your company well. Work with a grateful heart.

The more diligent you are, the more valuable you are to your employer. Be on time, obey company rules, and focus on your job during working hours.

Make it a point to always tell the truth. If you do things right the first time, you won’t be tempted to cover up your mistakes later.

Surround yourself with Christians who will give you wise, unbiased counsel for challenges at work. Listen to your spouse and rely on trusted friends who will help you do your job well.

Finally, guard yourself against the world. Allow your decisions and actions to line up with the Word.

Let work be a reflection of your faith. You will be noticed.

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