Give Now

Ignore the World


Want an interesting fact? Nine percent of Americans were still paying off 2018’s Christmas debt during 2019’s Christmas! Now that’s sad because it’s just not necessary.

The world convinces us we need to do more, have more, and buy more to be satisfied. Yet we’re never told those things in the Bible.

We carry needless guilt and self-doubt when we can’t afford what “The Joneses” have. The fact is, many “Joneses” are living paycheck to paycheck –  or maybe on the brink of bankruptcy!

Can I encourage you to ignore what the world is doing? Adding to your debt will only compound your financial problems. The solution is finding your identity in Christ. That’s where you’ll find true satisfaction.

Biblical financial stewardship is about choosing to live differently than the world. It doesn’t come naturally, but the Bible tells us we can learn to be content in whatever situation we’re in. The Apostle Paul said: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:11-13)

Jesus warns us not to fall into the trap of materialism because when money grips the heart, it affects everything else. The need to give or spend beyond your means may be a symptom of a fearful, distrusting heart.

Turn to God. Allow Him to become the rightful owner of your finances. It will grant you great spiritual, emotional and mental relief. 

Then, focus on managing what He provides for His glory and your peace.

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