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I Bought a Boat – To Rest

I bought a boat. 

I know. I know. This is no speedboat, or a luxury liner. It’s a 20-year-old bass fishing boat. This was no impulse purchase. I had the money set aside. I looked for a long time and thoroughly educated myself on bass boats. I talked to people, listened to advice and looked at several. I finally found one on Facebook Marketplace. I needed a boat to rest. I struggle to shut down and relax. Fishing does it for me. It allows me to enjoy creation, spend time with my sons and appreciate all that God’s given me.

How do you rest? We need to. Even the Lord took time to get away. Consider the advice from the book, Buy a Cabin: “God is a working-resting God and you are made in his image. Because you are, you too must rest. To rest well requires intentionality on your part, just like mastering anything else. Our rest activities must include the elements of change and concentration. You must also build daily, weekly, and yearly structures of rest into your life. As a Christian, you have graciously been given both the freedom and responsibility to rest. It multiplies your work productivity. Without rest you’re a runner without a finish line ahead of you. Rest is a reward for work. It’s a cool breeze on a hot day. Rest is a blessing, a gift from God. Receive it. Give thanks for it. Honor Christ through your rest.” Well, that’s what I plan to do with this boat. 

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