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How To Reduce Emergency Care Expenses

Have you been to an emergency room lately?

Emergency room visits are expensive! They cost far more than going to an urgent care center or your primary care physician. They average around $2,600 without insurance, but that varies depending on location, time of day, and severity of your condition. Prices typically run less in rural areas. Daytime visits cost less than nighttime due to the cost of staffing. The number of treatments, testing, and medications will naturally impact the total cost. The key is knowing your options for care before they become necessary. Urgent care clinics are good for cases that are not emergencies, but too distressing to make it through the weekend or overnight. Primary care physicians are best for non-life-threatening concerns. If they can’t help, they’ll refer you to someone who can. Many provide call-in advice after hours. Telemedicine is the most economical option and it’s experiencing a surge in popularity.

Now if you wind up in the emergency room, here’s how to lower your bill. Expect to spend some time and patience in the process. Question the coding. Study the bill closely and look for any errors. If you have insurance, make sure claims were filed properly. Ask for a discount based on your age or income. What kind of payment plan can they give you? How big is the discount if you pay the entire bill upfront? If you don’t get satisfactory answers, keep trying. Treat people kindly and trust God for the final outcome. 

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