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How Millennials Want to Work and Live

When was the last time you changed jobs? Gallup’s latest report, How Millennials Want to Work and Live, found that 21% of millennial workers had switched jobs in the last year. That’s 3 times more than non-millennials!

Millennials change jobs frequently, which forces them to develop new skills, adapt quickly, and broaden their network. They seek jobs that meet their needs and life goals, where they can learn, grow, advance, and make more money.

Legal Technology Solutions (LTS) found an average 8-10% wage increase for a job change in a healthy economic market. Some say that 20% is not out of the question.


Now, similar jobs in different industries can demand different wages. Job shoppers need to research opportunities to determine if it’s worth a change. Companies seeking your skill set may offer more money, flexibility, or benefits to recruit you to their team.

If, however, you love your job, a good offer from another company puts you in the unique position to ask for a raise from your current employer. That person may desire the opportunity to counter-offer to retain you. It’s possible you can get everything the other company offered without changing jobs. If not, then you’ll have to decide if extra income is worth the job change.

The long-term consequences of frequent job change are yet to be seen. Change can be stressful and may not be worth the additional pay and perks. Employees need to bathe their decision in prayer and seek wise counsel.

Job hoppers may get passed up on promotions if employers think you’re only working for the money. Plus, you may have a hard time settling down if you’re constantly looking for something better.

Whether you settle down or continue to change jobs, whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

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