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Ever tell little “white lies”? Well, dishonesty and loving God are like oil and water. They just don’t mix.

When we’re dishonest, we act as if God doesn’t even exist, as though He’s unable to provide what we need.

We take situations in to our own hands and do things our own dishonest way. In this way, we behave as if God is incapable of knowing and powerless to discipline us.

If we TRULY believe God will discipline us, we’ll act with the utmost integrity.

You see, honest behavior’s an issue of faith. It demonstrates the reality of the Jesus to those who don’t yet know Him.

Living in such a way that we can be trusted grants us authority to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us.

And, a life of integrity shows that we’re different. Honesty attracts customers and impresses employers. One with a reputation of truth and justice is valuable in business, at home, and in the body of Christ.

Dishonesty is sin and interrupts our fellowship with God. “White lies” harden our hearts, making our consciences increasingly insensitive to sin and deafening our ears to God’s voice.

We must flee anything unethical, immoral or dishonest regardless of how much it costs.

Resolve not to steal a stamp, paper clip, or penny from your employer, insurance company, government, or anyone.

There are no small lies – only lies; no small thefts – only thefts.

More than any savings goal we might institute or spending plan we could create, learning to rely on God is the most important step toward achieving the only true security in the world.

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