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Helping Adult Children Get a House

Many young adults need help buying homes!

Tamara Costa is vice president of advanced planning at Fidelity. She says helping our children purchase a home is a way to transfer wealth or estate tax savings while financially impacting their lives. You can gift children a down payment. This is often the biggest hurdle to buying a house. A larger down payment can help someone qualify for a lower mortgage rate by making them more attractive as buyers. In 2023, you could give individuals up to $17,000 without having to pay a gift tax. Involving both parents raises the total to $34,000 per child which is IRS acceptable.

You can also make a family loan. IRS guidelines allow for intra-family loans with minimum interest rates. The annual interest rate for a long-term intra-family loan of 9 or more years is much lower than the current mortgage rate. The IRS requires an arms-length transaction – in which money is loaned in exchange for a promissory note. This must be properly documented and may require a tax attorney’s guidance. You can also become a landlord. Buy the house and let your child pay you rent. Set a reasonable amount because the IRS might flag rent-free living as a gift. Being a landlord can help your child develop healthy financial habits. Later, you can sell it to them. In each case, pay attention to tax laws. Providing a house for loved ones is a way to see your inheritance put to good use! It’s your reward for wise stewardship!

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