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Have You Been Unfaithful With Money?

Have you been unfaithful with money?

Have your parents ever said that you don’t spend money wisely? It hurts doesn’t it – until you decide to do something about it. Humbly accept the truth and repent of mishandling what God has provided. Then ask Him for wisdom and determination to become a good steward. The key to financial margin is to live beneath your means. Learn to be content by giving thanks for all you have. Rather than seeking more, see what you can live without. Challenge yourself to make some sacrifices. Try dropping subscriptions, driving older cars, living in smaller quarters, postponing expensive vacations, or putting off buying new clothes. Look at this not as punishment but as an intentional way to reach financial goals and thus improve your financial life.

Enjoy the progress you make each month, and celebrate milestones! Proverbs 10:4 says, “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Think of the enormous contrast here. Keep busy working hard, serving others, and taking care of the things you own. This will keep you from wanting to spend more. Ask like-minded friends to join you, and encourage one another on the journey. Your parents may be the best source of encouragement for your new direction and habits! You may need to make significant lifestyle changes. Faithful stewardship matters because we’re managing God’s property. We don’t own anything. It all belongs to Him! How we steward the resources He provides ultimately impacts our eternal destiny.

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