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Guesswork Budgeting

I’m thinking of a number between one and one thousand. Can you guess what it is?

My number was 9….

You probably didn’t  guess the number, because your chances were one in, well….a thousand!

But most of us play this guessing game with our finances every day.

When you don’t plan, and you don’t budget…’re just kind of guessing if you’ll have enough money to pay for everything you need,and hoping you aren’t wrong!!   

But God tells us to have a plan – to steward our money well. When you plan, you quit having to guess – instead, you have confidence to know where you’re going.

Go from the guessing game to a written budget. It is the best way to plan your finances, and I want you to have a budget you love. It‘ll bring you so much freedom. Download an easy-to-use guide at