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Guard Your Income? Guard Your Tongue!

Want to guard your income?

If you want to keep your job, then stop complaining, gossiping, and threatening to leave while at work! If you want a different job, start conducting yourself in a professional manner. List the pros and cons of your current role. You may discover that the pros actually outweigh the cons. Perhaps you’re going through a temporarily difficult time. If so, be patient and work as unto the Lord.

Is there another position you’d find more fulfilling? Can you get more training or take on more responsibilities? Talk about the options with your superior. Look back at your most recent job review. Have you worked on your weaknesses or reached any new goals? Document and discuss these with management. Managers don’t like being caught off guard with employee problems. Always communicate in a respectful manner. Prepare ahead of time and speak in a calm, concise, and professional way. Be humble, listen well, and conduct yourself with integrity. Don’t lose control of your emotions. If the situation involves harassment or abuse, speak to an attorney. Don’t subject yourself to a job where you have to compromise your morals or fear for your safety.

If you find no purpose or satisfaction in the work, ask God to show you if it’s the job or your attitude. Thank Him for the work, the income, and the experience you’ve gained. If it’s time to move on, ask Him to lead you to the next job. In the meantime, guard your income, by guarding your tongue!

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