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God Can Do Anything

God can do anything!

If you’re facing financial challenges, the best place to turn for help is to the Lord, and believe that He can do anything. Here’s why. Do you remember the problem Jacob had with his Uncle Laban? He had to work as an unpaid shepherd for fourteen years before he was allowed to marry Rachel. To retain Jacob’s service as a shepherd, Laban promised to let Jacob establish his own flock. Jacob asked for all the spotted and speckled sheep along with black lambs. Laban agreed, but Jacob didn’t trust him for he had been cheated numerous times. The story, as told in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, records how Jacob became a selective breeder of sheep. He grew exceedingly prosperous and came to own large flocks, camels, and donkeys, along with female and male servants. You can read all about it in chapter 30. Out of curiosity, I looked it up to see if there really is such a thing as “Jacob’s Sheep” and guess what? There is. There’s even a Jacob Sheep Society for people specializing in this highly prized breed. Their heritage is traced all the way back to Genesis 30.

God prospered a man in the middle of the desert with a simple strategy of multiplying sheep that his dishonest Uncle didn’t even want! God can truly do anything! Now don’t you wait 14 years to start on a plan to overcome your financial pain. Ask the Lord to give you His plans and then be faithful. You’re going to be amazed at all that God can do!

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