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“Girl Math” Vs. God’s Math

“Girl Math” is a trend on TikTok.

#girlmath is a humorous way to explain illogical spending choices, but it’s also a way to justify overspending and large or unnecessary purchases. Here are some examples: 

• Cash is free money. 

• Anything under $5 is free. 

• Gift cards, store credit, and refunds are free money.

• Anything in your Venmo account or Apple wallet is free money.

• The cost of purchases is rounded down. 

• If you don’t buy sale items, or enough merchandise to get free shipping, you’re losing money. 

• Skipping a coffee purchase means you make money. 

• Spending $500 at Amazon is not the same as making five $100 purchases.

• Dresses are 50% off because they replace a shirt and pants. All one pieces are 50% off.

• Money not spent today doubles the spending budget for tomorrow.

• Money spent on Botox is an investment.

“Girl Math” supposedly motivates people to spend more responsibly by making them think through purchases. However, it doesn’t appear to be working if you look at America’s levels of credit card debt. People need to learn “God’s Math” and Biblical stewardship. Anything outside of that falls short of how God calls us to steward money. Short-term satisfaction should never justify long-term debt. Biblical stewardship is not about ordering your finances in a way that you can spend whatever you want; It’s ordering your life in such a way that God can spend you however He wants. It’s a tough mindset to adopt, but it’s worth pursuing.

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