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Getting Your Estate in Order


The Bible declares “A prudent man considers his steps and is crowned with knowledge!”

As wise managers, it is important to have our estates in order.

Now, even if you don’t have lavish homes and cars, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to make a plan.

Don’t forget to consider your land, businesses, homes or insurance policies as you plan your estate. It will make a difference for your family. Leaving a legacy of good stewardship will impact generations to follow.

But unfortunately most people haven’t been taught Godly stewardship and don’t know how to plan their inheritance. Still many people know what they should do, but sadly procrastinate until it’s too late.

For beginners, a husband and wife both need to have a will. Seek the Lord and wise counsel in planning the distribution of your assets. And try to make provisions for your church and other ministries that you support.

Leaving a godly legacy also involves teaching your children. Ensure that your kids understand what God’s word teaches us about managing money before leaving home.

I know a couple that required their children to read specific books and demonstrate their knowledge of earning, spending, saving, giving, and investing. When the adult children passed the test, the parents surprised them with an early inheritance. Can you imagine the emotion? The children knew mom and dad trusted them. And, the parents knew their money was going to kids who would steward well.

On the other hand, Ann has good friend whose husband’s life insurance policy expired. He meant to take out a different one, but died unexpectedly. He loved his family, meant to provide well and could have. He Simply….Didn’t….Follow….Through.

Sadly, more and more Americans are leaving debt, instead of an inheritance, behind. If you need to pay off your credit cards, contact Christian Credit Counselors. They’re a wonderful organization that we have partnered with for years because we love and trust their team of friendly, personal counselors to help you get out of credit card debt the right way.