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Are you a faithful radio listener?

We’d been looking for used cars to replace our youngest son’s Camry. One Saturday, we drove to a dealership to see their inventory. We got in a nice used car with a salesman, and I turned on the radio. My Money Life was playing! What a surprise! Two days later, we went to see one for sale by owner. When asked if he owed any money on the car, he said he doesn’t do car loans. Why? He grew up hearing Larry Burkett on the radio. We bought that one. You can’t underestimate the impact radio has on children who happen to be listening. Let alone the adults! I’ve met people all over America with similar stories.

When Ryan Kurtz, a financial advisor  near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, came home from school, he’d feed the animals then head out to the barn to milk the cows. He says, “Typical of many farmers, the radio was playing and every mid-afternoon a show called “Money Matters” aired. It was a call-in type of show where people would ask Larry financial questions and he would answer them. I was struck by the way Larry gave answers to callers with knowledge for each financial situation while integrating Biblical wisdom with the answer. His words were full of love for each person regardless of their financial circumstances.” Well today, Ryan’s desire to help others came from wanting to “be like Larry”. He gives clients loving financial advice integrated with God’s Word. Larry founded this ministry knowing that it belonged to God. Now, 45 years later we rely upon the Lord to continue using us to impact others through radio. 

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