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Financial Stronghold – Worry

Are you caught in a financial stronghold?

Strongholds are false beliefs and bad philosophies. These happen frequently when it comes to money. Worry is a financial stronghold that affects every single one of us – some more than others. Worry is a feeling of anxiety or unease about future uncertainties. It’s that feeling you get when your mind is taken over by fear and doubt. It’s rooted in a lack of confidence in God. We’re taken captive by worry because it keeps us from fully trusting the Lord.

A friend of mine lost all of his worldly possessions in Zimbabwe’s economic collapse. Today, he explains to me that the worry about losing everything was far worse than the experience itself. After his worst nightmare did in fact happen, he realized how much of his life had been lost in grinding worry and anxiety that was far worse than the real event. Satan wants to keep us bound up by worry, especially about money. In Matthew 6 Jesus says that the “pagans” are the ones that we most resemble when we worry. He promises to provide our daily needs. He doesn’t say we shouldn’t work, but rather that we shouldn’t worry.

So let’s get practical. When you worry, learn to immediately cast your fears and doubts upon Christ. He knows your future, and you don’t. So, resign as master of the universe. Trust Him. He’s faithful! He wants you set free from worry about tomorrow so you can live one day at a time.

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